Road Base

When it comes to the construction of roads, driveways and footpaths, you need to ensure that your road bases are right for your specific project. At Moorvale Quarry, we provide a variety of road bases to ensure that you can create the perfect pavement, parking area or personal driveway. From gravel to limestone, we are committed to delivering high-quality road base materials, straight from Moorvale Quarry.

What is a Road Base?

Road base materials are typically crushed gravel, limestone or granite; however, there are other options. When compacted, these materials provide a hard surface, perfect for the formation of roads, driveways and parking areas. Road bases are a fantastic option for constructing these projects as their strength is unrivalled, especially for the price of installation.

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Road base gravel is available in the below specifications:

  • 2.1 Road Base
  • 2.2 Road Base
  • 2.3 Road Base
  • 2.4 Road Base
  • 2.5 Road Base
  • Pugging
  • Mine Spec Gravel
  • 40mm Scalps
  • Minus 25 Scalps
  • Deco – Decomposed Granite
  • Bulk Fill